JR's night is an all time favorite among our older kids. 5th grade and up get together, with a few counselors of course, and  venture out for activities like glow golf, bowling, and McDonalds!

Sitting on the floor watching movies in inner tubes is where Tube 'N gets it's name from. Now we have expanded it and now it is just one big night of fun. We play games, watch a movie, have dance offs, and if weather allows spend some time outside. 

Collector’s Night started out with just a few kids and some sports cards. Now we do so much more. Pokémon, Baseball cards, stamps, if your child is a collector of anything this night is for them!  We do raffles and usually end up taking a break and going outside to play for a while.


Everything from Frozen to dance offs. The girls love having a fun girly night together. It's a great night for them to get out all those silly shrieks and giggles.

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashion Nerf war? That is what Nerf night is all about! We try out new games as well as do old fashioned quick draw games. It is always tons of fun for all ages! 

Junior Night 


Collector's Night

Girl's Night

Nerf Night