Q: What is your payment method?

A: We only take checks or cash.

Q: What schools do you pick up from?

A: We pick up from the following schools:

  • Lakeland Highlands
  • Sikes
  • Mulberry Middle
  • Mulberry Christian
  • Mudulla
  • Scott Lake
  • Purcell
  • Kingsford
  • Wagner

Q: Do you take middle schoolers?

A: Yes. Our middle schoolers are apart the Junior Counselor program. Children enrolled in the Junior program are still required to pay admission to KIDZ. We do allow volunteers for those that are searching for ways to gain community service hours.

Q: Are the field trips included with the payment of my child attending KIDZ?

A: Regular field trips, or field trips that go to anywhere in Lakeland, are free for admission to the kids attending. Other field trips, such as Q-Zar Laser Tag, the Aquarium, or Lowry Park Zoo, cost an extra fee.

Q: What time does KIDZ open for summer, before school, and after school?


  • Summer: 6:30am-6:00pm
  • Before School: 6:30am-When all kids are dropped off at school destination.
  • After School: 2:30pm-6:00pm

Q: What sports and physical activities take place at KIDZ?

A: We provide a variety of sports for the kids attending. These include basketball, soccer, football, and baseball.

Q: When does my child need to bring a swimsuit?

A: On the days that are listed as pool day/wet day.

Q: Does KIDZ provide a snack for my child?

A: Yes. KIDZ provides a morning and afternoon snack.

Q: Does my child have to bring lunch?

A: Yes, your child must come to KIDZ with a packed lunch. The only exception of this is if it is noted otherwise in the itinerary.