Ally Parrish

Our kids joke that everyone is related that works here. Ally, originally from Alabama, is Meagan Doyle's sister-in-law. She has been married for 5 years and is the mother to sweet 2 year old boy.



Jim Owens

Jim is our fearless leader who has been with us since day one. Born in North Carolina he was raised in a military family. He hold a degree in education from Mars Hill University. While is the "boss" he is really just a big kid at heart which makes him the kids favorite.

Meagan Doyle

Meagan started with us at Imperial Lakes Swim team in 2001. Meagan became working at KIDZ in 2006 and is now an office manager and senior counselor. She has been married for 4 years. She has a 2 year old son and another baby boy on the way.

Remaining Staff

The other staff members are a group of young, fun-loving, energetic people. Not only are all staff background checked and finger printed, most of them have grown up with us as campers at KIDZ.   

Mandy Kuykedall

We found Mandy through her brother Tyler who was a soccer player under Jim (coach) and is now one of our beloved counselors. She has a background in early childhood education and is currently pursuing a degree in the medical research field. 

Imperialakes Kidz began in 1989 at the Imperial Lakes Country Club in Mulberry FL. By 1992 we had grown into a full blown swim team. In 1993 we continued our expansion officially becoming an After School and Summer Camp program. For the next 3 years we continued to expand and in 1996 we became Imperialakes Kidz Incorporated. As the years went on we continued to grow and in 2005 we relocated to 1901 Shepherd Rd where we currently reside. These past 8 years have been an awesome adventure and we can't wait to continue making memories and touching the lives of those who attend Kidz Afterschool and Summer Camp.